Dehumidifier Services in Phenix City, AL & Columbus, GA

Humidity goes hand-in-hand with the weather we regularly tackle in the Phenix City and Russell County areas. For some, a powerful HVAC system might feel like enough to keep the moisture at bay. But for most, a dehumidifier system directly installed within your home is the ideal solution for maintaining comfort, lowering costs, and improving your overall indoor air quality.

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The Advantages of a Whole-Home Dehumidifier System

  • Lowers HVAC energy costs – By saving your heating and cooling equipment from the stress of having to heat/cool and dehumidify, you can drastically reduce the system’s workload. This translates to shorter cycle times, and less resources used.
  • Improves indoor air quality – Most dehumidifier systems incorporate a highly effective filtration system, which helps to trap dust, dander, pollen, hair, and other common home air pollutants.
  • Reduced allergy symptoms for many common triggers – Some of the most common allergy triggers thrive in moist environments—mold, pollen, dust mites. All of these can be better controlled if you have a dehumidifier in place.
  • In-home pest control – Home pests like flies, fleas, chiggers and other mites, termites, and more are all attracted to damp home environments.
  • Minimize common home odors – Do you struggle with dank, musty home air? If so, there’s a strong chance that your problem is caused by excessive home humidity, which allows funky odors the opportunity to strengthen and stick around.

Frequently Asked Dehumidifier Questions in Alabama

Where Are Whole-Home Dehumidifiers Installed? 

The most common and effective practice is to install a dehumidification unit within your duct system, or the HVAC blower assembly itself. There are some alternative options, for more unique home layouts.

Don’t HVAC Systems Already Dehumidify?

They do, however there’s something important to keep in mind. One, the dehumidification process that an AC system provides is more of a side effect of how they operate, and not a primary function. And two, an air conditioner will not properly cool your home if it can’t get through heavy moisture. In high humidity locations like Alabama, this means your air conditioner might never actually be cooling your home correctly.

Do Whole-Home Dehumidifiers Need Maintenance?

Dehumidifiers rarely need much maintenance at all, unlike humidifier units, which need replacements and replenishing as well as cleaning. A dehumidifier needs little more than an annual checkup to ensure all components are operating properly, and maybe a filter change from time to time.

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