Heat Pump Replacement in Phenix City, AL & Columbus, GA

It’s never easy to hear that your heat pump needs to be replaced. Having to choose a new system, make an initial investment, and wait for the replacement to be completed can be stressful. D ‘n A Heating & Air is committed to reducing your stress and making the process as smooth as possible with our expert technicians and unmatched customer service.

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The Benefits of Heat Pump Replacement

If you have an older heat pump that is experiencing issues, it’s best to replace it instead of investing money to repair it. Although the upfront cost is higher, replacing your heat pump with a newer model has many benefits, including:

  • Save money on repairs – Trying to keep your old heat pump limping along will likely cause you to spend $350 here and $200 there every few months for a couple more years. When your unit dies entirely, you’ll be right back to needing a new one anyway.
  • Save on energy costs – Newer models are much more efficient than older ones and you will see a decrease in your electricity bill. Heat pumps with variable speed motors use as much as 66% less energy than older models.
  • Breathe cleaner air – Newer models are better at purifying your home’s air.
  • Enjoy a quieter home – Older heat pumps are loud. A new unit will run much more quietly than your old one.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Heat Pumps

How long do heat pumps last?

You can generally expect a heat pump to last 8-12 years. Since heat pumps both heat and cool your house, they work year-round and wear out sooner than furnaces. Some may last as long as 15-20 years, but once they are that old, you’re likely wasting money on repairs and electricity.

Will heat pumps clean my air?

Heat pumps filter the air before putting it into your house. Most heat pumps come standard with filters that clean and purify the air by removing dust and allergens. These filters are easy to clean and change, which means that you’ll have no trouble breathing easy!

Are heat pumps efficient?

For areas with moderate climates, heat pumps are much more efficient than furnaces or air conditioners. Newer models can require as much as 50% less energy than gas furnaces. This is because they simply move heat into or out of your house instead of creating it by burning fuel.

How long does heat pump replacement take?

The amount of time required to replace a heat pump varies based on the job. A simple system can be installed in 4-6 hours, but a more complicated replacement might take a few days. No matter the situation, you can be sure that D ‘n A HVAC will complete the job as efficiently as possible!

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