Furnace Maintenance in Phenix City, AL & Columbus, GA

When it comes to maintaining dependability, heating power, and cost efficiency, there’s no service more vital than annual furnace tune-ups and inspections. At D ‘n A HVAC we understand how important routine care is to the comfort of your home, which is why we strive to provide comprehensive solutions that include thorough system cleaning, performance evaluations, and calibrations.

D ‘n A Heating & Air has been serving homeowners in Phenix City and the surrounding areas for over two decades. We place all of our focus on providing clients with a source of honest service and total satisfaction. When the time comes for your annual heating maintenance, you know who to call!

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The Benefits of Annual Furnace Maintenance

Consistent care offers substantially more than a bit of cleaning or assurance. When you make sure to take care of your system, it’ll take care of you, too. Some of the biggest advantages provided by furnace maintenance include:

  • Reduced heating costs and energy/fuel waste
  • Improved heating performance and evenness
  • Longer furnace system life spans
  • Better indoor air quality
  • Substantially lower risk of breakdown or expensive furnace repair

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Furnace Maintenance FAQs

Is furnace maintenance really necessary?

No one is going to actively force you to get furnace maintenance, of course, though failing to schedule service may invalidate your warranty. However, the benefits of regular service are huge, especially when compared to the very low cost. In short, furnace maintenance will provide better energy efficiency, a more dependable system, and system longevity. Absolutely worth it.

Does furnace maintenance lower my heating bills?

On average, heating maintenance does lower electricity or gas bills in many homes. This is because your system operates more effectively when properly cleaned, calibrated, and lubricated. A well-tuned system results in shorter cycle times, which means less energy needed to keep your home at its set temperature.

Can I do my own furnace maintenance?

Without the tools, experience, and certifications of a professional HVAC contractor, no. But, there are things you can do on your own to keep your system operating at its best. Be sure to change your air filter frequently—every 1-2 months—and also take care to keep supply and return vents clean and unblocked.

What’s the difference between furnace maintenance and repair?

Furnace repair is a reactive service, and is only needed when your furnace is actively damaged or failing to operate correctly. Though maintenance can solve or prevent similar issues to those that need repair, it is primarily a proactive and preventative service, aiming to avoid needing repairs in the first place.

Quality Furnace Maintenance from D ‘n A HVAC in Phenix City & Columbus

Our experienced heating contractors aim to keep your home cost-effective and comfortable all throughout the fall and winter months. We’re proud of our comprehensive maintenance services and extended maintenance plans, and we’re confident you’ll be able to see, smell, and feel the difference when our job is done. If you need a dependable furnace company for yearly maintenance in Phenix City, Columbus, and the surrounding communities, choose D ‘n A Heating & Air!

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