Heat Pump Maintenance in Phenix City, AL & Columbus, GA

Your heat pump works hard to both heat and cool your home all year long, making it doubly susceptible to wear and tear. Regular maintenance is crucial to keep your heat pump running smoothly so it can keep you comfortable all year round. Protect your investment and ensure consistent comfort with heat pump maintenance from D ‘n A Heating & Air. Our HVAC industry-leading technicians are skilled and unfailingly thorough!

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Benefits of Professional Heat Pump Maintenance

There are a few maintenance tasks you can (and should) perform for your heat pump, but nothing can match a professional heat pump maintenance check from D ‘n A Heating & Air. Our comprehensive heat pump maintenance will help you:

  • Protect your investment – A new heat pump is a major expense! Protect yours and experience the longest service life possible with your current system.
  • Save money – The national average cost of a heat pump repair in 2020 was $370. One repair alone often costs more than most maintenance plans, so imagine having multiple repair needs spring up in one year! Prevent these unnecessary expenses by catching pending issues before become larger, more costly problems.
  • Be more comfortable – With regular maintenance, your heat pump will always be in-tune to deliver the best possible heating and cooling to your home.
  • Be ready for anything – Having your heat pump tuned up right before the most extreme seasons will ensure that it’s ready when you need it most, through sweltering summer days and freezing winter nights.
  • Spend less on energy – Regular maintenance keeps your heat pump running more efficiently, meaning it consumes less energy and saves you money.

Ready to save money and help your heat pump perform its best? Contact us or call 706-940-7190 for heat pump maintenance service in Phenix City and Columbus, GA.

Frequently Asked Questions About Heat Pump Maintenance

How often does my heat pump need maintenance?

Since your heat pump both heats and cools your home, it needs double the maintenance of an air conditioner or a furnace. We recommend having maintenance performed on your heat pump twice per year – once in the fall, before the cold weather hits, and another in the spring, before the heat sets in.

What happens during a heat pump maintenance check?

During a maintenance check, our technicians inspect everything: ducts, filters, blower, indoor coil, line and system discharge pressure, refrigerant charge, electrical wiring, blower wheel, motor, belts, and thermostat. They check for leaks and initiate a defrost cycle to make sure it’s functioning properly. They also lubricate, align, and calibrate all relevant parts for smooth, efficient operation.

What DIY maintenance should I be performing on my heat pump?

You can (and should) carry out some minor maintenance tasks to keep your heat pump running without issues. Most importantly, you should change your air filters every 30-60 days (check the manufacturer’s instructions). You should also keep the outdoor unit free of leaves, debris, and dirt, maintaining a 2-foot radius of clearance around it at all times.

Schedule Heat Pump Maintenance for Your Phenix City, AL or Columbus, GA Home Today

Take preventative action to keep your heat pump working smoothly for years to come by scheduling regular maintenance with D ‘n A Heating & Air. Our skilled professionals will provide a thorough inspection and tune up, identifying minor issues before they turn into expensive repairs. Your heat pump will run more efficiently, offering higher quality heating and cooling to your Phenix City or Columbus home. At D ‘n A Heating & Air, your family’s total comfort is our goal. Secure it by calling us for heat pump maintenance today.

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