Heat Pump Installation in Phenix City, AL

Heat pumps, or ductless mini-splits, are increasingly popular as an alternative or addition to traditional HVAC heating and cooling solutions. Efficient, easily installed, and convenient, there’s a lot to recommend them as your next HVAC upgrade.

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Basics of Heat Pump Installation

If you’re unfamiliar with heat pumps, the idea is simple. Using the same sort of technology found in your refrigerator or an air conditioner, heat is extracted from the air in one location and transferred into liquid refrigerant. Then air blows across the refrigerant to move that heat in another location. To heat your home, heat in the air outside is blown in; to cool it, heat is extracted and vented outside. This works even if it doesn’t feel like there’s much heat at all outside.

To install a heat pump, you need two basic components: the external unit and the internal unit (or units), which are linked by a refrigerant line.

Why Heat Pumps Matter

There are three key reasons most people look to heat pumps as an option over traditional combustion furnaces or air conditioners.

  • Efficient. In the vast majority of situations, a heat pump is going to provide more energy-efficient heat and cooling than traditional HVAC.
  • Save space. Refrigerant lines for a heat pump take up far less space than ductwork, and the bulky main unit goes outside of your home.
  • Ease of installation. Installing one external unit, one interior unit, and running refrigerant lines between them takes far less time and effort than running bulky ducts around a furnace or AC.

Heat pumps can be used in combination with traditional systems to reap all of the benefits of both types.

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Other Benefits of a Heat Pump

If you need other reasons to consider a heat pump, the list of benefits goes far beyond the top three.

  • Safer
  • Easier to maintain
  • Greener
  • Modular
  • Long-lasting
  • Heats and cools with electricity alone

Why Hire Professionals for Installation?

While heat pumps are considered easy to install compared to traditional HVAC, easy is relative. You’ll still need to assess the size of your home accurately, install the external and internal units in appropriate and secure areas, and run refrigerant lines without damaging the structure of your home or office. It just makes sense to work with professionals who can do it all quickly, with a minimum of setbacks and unnecessary difficulty and no risk of failure or confusion.

You’ll also have your work backed by professional guarantees and warranties on the work, just in case something does go wrong with the installation.

Get Heat Pump Installation in Phenix City, AL

If you want to bring your energy bills down, heat pumps are an excellent way to do it. And if you’re going to install a heat pump, the best time to do it is yesterday — and the next best time to do it is today, with the help of our experienced professionals.

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Will my heat pump work when it’s cold?

While heat pumps need to pull heat from the air to provide heat inside, it must be very, very cold outside for them to stop working properly.

Can I control rooms separately?

Depending on your installation, you could have indoor units for every room connected to a single external compressor unit — allowing each room to be as warm or cool as you want it to be.