Air Conditioning Repair in Phenix City, AL & Columbus, GA

Providing Quality Repair Services in Phenix City, Alabama

A dependable air conditioning system is nearly a requirement during the summer and warmer months in Alabama. If you air conditioning system needs a repair, suddenly leaving you deprived of the cool comfort you are used to, trust the locally operated and owned HVAC company in the Phenix City, Alabama area, DNA HVAC.

We are committed to helping you and your home by providing air conditioning repair services. We have been helping the community for 10 years, and we will be happy to repair your air conditioner. We are committed to providing our customers with the best experience possible and helping to return comfort back to your home.

For reliable air conditioning repair services, contact our team today by calling 706-289-0279 or by contacting us online.

Why Is My Air Conditioner Not Working?

If your air conditioner is on the fritz, you may be wondering if you need to call us, the experts, in for a repair service. Our experts have compiled a list of a few different troubleshooting tips you can try to determine if an AC repair is necessary:

  • AC is not cooling: If you air conditioner is not cooling, check the outdoor unit is not being blocked by any debris. If something was covering the unit, remove it and hose it down if necessary.
  • AC won’t turn on: Make sure your thermostat is set correctly, and then check your breaker box to ensure there are not any tripped breakers.
  • AC turning on and off: If your air conditioner turns on and off frequently, vacuum the evaporator coil with a soft brush attachment.

With most AC issues, it is always good practice to check your filter as well. If you have not changed your filter recently, this could be blocking the air from moving freely through your vents. With our preventative maintenance agreements, we can provide maintenance to prevent these issues and help expand your system’s life span.

Common Signs That You Need AC Repair

An air conditioner will let you know if something has gone wrong and needs to be fixed. There are various signs, both audible and visual. It is not difficult to get the hint that you need to contact an expert from our team.

Keep an eye and ear out for these signs:

  • Cooling is weak or airflow is poor
  • Standing water around your system
  • Unit is freezing or stopped working
  • AC system is kicking on and off sporadically
  • Strange smells are emitting from your vents
  • AC system is making clanking, banging, or squealing sounds

When your AC system is experiencing problems, it’s critical to get a repair. You can trust us for a speedy and reliable repair service for your air conditioner system.

Schedule AC Repairs in Phenix City, AL

When you need air conditioning repairs in Phenix City, Alabama and the surrounding areas, you want to make sure the repairs are done right the first time. The last thing you want to do is have to call the air conditioner technician to come back again, which is a worry you do not need to have with our team.

We are committed to providing our customers with the best customer experience possible, and our highly trained and skilled professionals can quickly diagnose and repair any air conditioner issue. With our team, we guarantee that your home will be comfortable again in no time.

For more information or to schedule a repair, contact our team today by calling 706-289-0279 or by contacting us online.