Commercial Heating Repair in Fortson & Columbus, GA

Heating problems can be inconvenient, uncomfortable, and even dangerous in some cases. If the heater in your business is acting up, turn to the commercial HVAC experts at D ‘n A Heating & Air for the services you need. Our highly trained and certified technicians are experts at diagnosing commercial heating problems and performing fast, reliable repairs.

We are available 24/7 and charge no overtime fees, so give us a call at 706-289-0279 or contact us online at any time to schedule commercial heating repair in Phenix City or Auburn, AL.

Signs You Need Commercial Heating Repair

It isn’t always easy to tell when your heating system needs attention. To maximize guest comfort and employee productivity, take HVAC malfunctions seriously. Call D ‘n A Heating & Air right away if you notice any of these signs that you need commercial heating repair:

  • Operational irregularities, such as running constantly or cycling on and off frequently
  • Equipment shutting down before it reaches the target temperature
  • Complaints from your employees about reduced heat output
  • Restricted or inconsistent airflow
  • Ignition or combustion problems (boilers or furnaces)
  • Alarms from carbon monoxide detectors
  • Leaks or frozen coils (heat pumps)
  • Tripping circuit breakers
  • Thermostat malfunctions
  • Unusual noises, odors, or vibrations

Notice any of these signs? Contact us now to schedule the services you need!

FAQs About Commercial Heating Repair

We encourage you to stay informed about your commercial comfort options. Feel free to give us a call if you have any questions about our repair work or other HVAC services! You may also find the answers you’re looking for below.

How do I know if I should repair or replace my commercial furnace?

It’s wise to attempt a repair first to see if you can prolong the lifespan of your existing commercial furnace. However, a replacement may be more cost-effective if any of the following is true:

  • Your commercial heater is over 10 years old
  • Breakdowns have been occurring more frequently over the past year
  • An upcoming repair approaches 50% of the cost to replace the system
  • Employees and guests often complain of comfort problems
  • Your operating costs have been rising steadily

What could happen if repairs aren’t completed promptly?

Failing to perform commercial heating repairs in a timely matter only makes the problem worse. If you continue to run your malfunctioning equipment, you may encounter:

  • Higher-than-necessary utility costs
  • Hazardous operating conditions
  • More costly repairs
  • Complete system breakdown
  • Premature equipment failure

What are the benefits of professional commercial heating repair?

If your heating system breaks down, you may be wondering—is it really necessary to hire a contractor, or can you do the job yourself? Here’s why we highly recommend relying on a professional for commercial furnace repair rather than attempting a DIY job:

  • Fast diagnosis from an experienced, certified technician
  • Reliable work backed by a satisfaction guarantee
  • Safety and peace of mind
  • Upheld manufacturer warranty, which may be invalidated if you attempt a DIY repair

Schedule Commercial Heating Repair in Phenix City and Auburn, AL

For furnace repair work you can count on, look no further than D ‘n A Heating & Air. We have over 20 years of experience, with knowledge of all commercial system types, including furnaces, boilers, heat pumps, rooftop HVAC units, packaged systems, and more. We’ll get your heater back up and running as soon as possible to reduce downtime and restore worker productivity. When you choose us, you can expect service in hours, not days, so you’re never left out in the cold when your commercial heating system breaks.

Contact us online or call us 24 hours a day at 706-289-0279 to request commercial heating repair in Phenix City or Auburn, AL.